Mecobalamin: Function, Dosage and Everything You Should Know

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Mecobalamin: Function, Dosage and Everything You Should Know – Having some issues in your blood? You probably have anemia or neuropathy disease. Read the full guide of mecobalamin, the drug that will save you, here.

Do you ever feel like having a blood deficiency? If yes, you should be aware of this medicine. Mecobalamin or methylcobalamin is common drug produced to cure blood deficiency diseases such as anemia or neuropathy perifer. It’s a vitamin B12 which helps your body produce more red blood cells. You can buy mecobalamin according to your doctor’s prescription. It would be unsafe if you take this drug along by yourself, so we’re here to inform you about the function, dosage and everything you should pay attention about methylcobalamin.

Mecobalamin Function

Mecobalamin Function Dosage and Everything You Should Know
Mecobalamin Function Dosage and Everything You Should Know

As said before, the mecobalamin function is to produce more red blood cells that will help cure your body of anemia, neuropathy perifer, diabetes and any other related disease. Methylcobalamin is the real embodiment of B12, which is essential for your body. If your body is a lack of B12 intake, you will probably have a higher chance to get blood deficiency disease. So, before your body is ailing, it’s wise to prevent illness by having a healthy lifestyle such as plan a diet and start eating something healthy.

  • Mecobalamin Dosage

If you have an issue which makes you have to take this medicine, you should meet your doctor first. Tell them your complaints and let them give you the right dose to heal your disease. But you may learn the mecobalamin indications below as a basis:

  • For anemia megaloblastic, take mecobalamin 500 mcg by injection three times a week for two months, or mecobalamin 1500 mcg per day using tablets divided into three doses.

Maintenance: 500 mcg by injection every 1-3 months.

  • For neuropathy perifer, take 500 mcg by injection three times a week, or 750-1500 mcg per day using tablets divided into three doses.

The mecobalamin 500 mcg benefits are same with the 750, 1000 or 1500 one if you take this medicine according to the proper dosage.

  • How to Keep Your Methylcobalamin Safe

The first rule is to watch out your kids; they may have a curiosity to consume your drug. If you take a mecobalamin injection, then keep and eye on your maintenance after you consume the tablet one. Then, don’t ever try to save this in the refrigerator or bathroom (due to its temperature that might destroy the drug’s function itself. Every drug has its own rule, so better ask your doctor.

  • Mecobalamin Side Effects

Like any other medicine, methylcobalamin can also have a side effect that may cause disturb your activities, such as:

–    Hypersensitivity

–    Headache

–    Hot sensation

–    Pain (while injection)

–    Vomiting

–    Diarrhea

–    Loss of appetite

Warnings: methycobalamin cannot be used to patients with the history of liver disease, pregnancy, breast feeding or an allergy.

Methycobalamin Tablets Brand Names

Here are some recommendations for you to find the right methycobalamin regarding to its brand names (maybe some brand names have a better review from doctors and you should consider to buy it):

Mecobal, Mecobalamine, Mecol, Mecolagin, Methycobalamin, Neural, Nerfeco, Neulamin, Nufacobal, Beecoba M, Cobametin (full list please refer to

After read information above, we hope you have a basis knowledge on mecobalamin function, dosage, side effects, warning, and how you should react when the blood deficiency disease attacks you.


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